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80's Yuletide Rewind

Do you hate the 80s? Do you hate those cheesy gameshows with overly-charming hosts in brightly coloured suits offloading mediocre prizes? Do you particularly hate Christmas... I mean it is only coming to Easter after all? Well if you answered YES to all of these, this is certainly not the show for you!

VHS Christmas Carol - 80s Yuletide Rewind is an 80s experience like no other! There's live music, raffles, merch, a sausage sizzle and the cheapest bar in town - and that's before the show even starts! Join us for a live Gameshow Experience with Fezzywigs House of Fun from 7:00pm. Watch as contestants compete in ridiculous challenges, all for the chance to win amazing(?) prizes, and earn Fezziwig's coveted title "Mastermind of Merriment".

This is followed by the main event of the evening VHS Christmas Carol - the classic Charles Dickens story retold through a lense of neon and sung to a soundtrack taken straight from a bargain bin mixtape... and all within 50 minutes. Watch as the eponymous Scrooge is taken on a technicolour adventure guided by four 80s inspired spirits. Be enthralled as this miserable miser learns the true meaning of Christmas - and a few dance moves along the way.

Come along for a night of entertainment, frivolity, and good vibes as we welcome in the Christmas Season (we're only 8 months early) and prove once and for all that anyone can be inspired with the right 80s soundtrack.

Accent Under 14 Production
Madagascar  JN
14th and 15h June

Fern Plant
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